Join Sustainable Community

We build eco-houses among the eco-cluster where we also develop the living and green empowerment. We have some green programs that can be joined by the residents and public in eco-cluster.

Eco-knockdown donor program is for vulnerable people in remote areas, post-disaster, and urban slum. We help empowering the benefit recipients after the construction project finished, in the form of health counseling, education, and employment training.

Order Online

Clients and corporate donors can order and consult the construction and property inquires with our professional team.

Choose the scalable layout

our value is providing eco-house and eco-knockdown with digitation and scalable purpose. Clients and corporate donors choose the scalable lay out that will automatically lead to overall construction-architecture components and draft price.


On-site survey

after consulting the overall design, Rayyan team will survey the location for final construction preparation.

Confirm fix price

the design is fix, the price is fix, except intervened by force majeure. The budget can be accepted by the clients and corporate donors in the beginning to avoid unpredictable financial risk.


construction is done with our best workers and foremen.

Online live monitoring

we are still working on the prototype to give our clients the most user-friendly technology.

Ready to reside

Eco-knockdown can be constructed within days and eco-house can be constructed within weeks, depend on your customized design and structural.

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About EcohouseIndonesia

Ecohouseindonesia is a representation of a Rayyan Construction Company. We deliver excellent services in building houses, warehouses, apartments and others in sharia work methods.

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